v0id.pw Terms of Service:

All purchases are as is.

You assume the full responsibility of software and agreed to the terms and services on the site which has a strict no refund policy. Any attempt in a refund will be grounds for revokation of the licences you have purchased. Any claims for unauthorized transactions are not subject to refund unless you have actual proof from the financial institition that the transaction was fraudulent.

W1tch studios (w1tch.pro) Terms of Service:

1. Unofficial reselling is prohibited.

2. Sharing your account to friends is prohibited. If you want your friend to have disturbed – buy him a license.

3. Disturbed and redstone are sold “as is”. They will be updated, but no responsibility will be taken in case of bans or detection. By buying, you accept the full risk and implications of using such tools/softwares.

4. Charging back after buying any of our products will revoke all your purchases. We don’t do refunds, and we also don’t refund money in case you lose the paypal case. If you have an issue with the menu, the support team can help you with it.