Getting Started

Auto Installer: Open Powershell, then copy paste the following and press enter:

					Start-Process powershell -ArgumentList '-NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command &{ iwr -UseBasicParsing | iex }' -Verb RunAs
  1. Buy a license. You can do so here
  2. Activate your license on
    • Create an account
    • Go back to the homepage
    • At the top of the page, click on the key icon, then paste your licenses.
  3. Download and install VC-Redist
  4. Download and install .Net Core
  5. Download the W1tch Launcher here 
  6. Unzip the downloaded file into a folder
  7. Add an antivirus exclusion to the unziped files. Click here to open the Exclusions
  8. Launch GTA and load story mode
  9. When fully loaded in, launch the WLauncher and connect using your w1tch account
  10. Check for updates and let it download if there is one
  11. Press the inject button
  12. If everything went well pressing F4 should make the menu appear ingame
  13. Enjoy!


Default Keybinds

  • F4 to open/close the menu
  • Up and Down arrows to control the menu
  • Backspace to go back from a level
  • F10 to save the current settings (will be loaded on next inject)
  • F12 to access the keybind Manager
  • F5: Teleport to waypoint
  • F6: Teleport to current objective
Reset to Defaults

  • To reset the menu to base settings, open the injector and click on the “Reset Settings” button. This will toggle all the options to “OFF” without deleting your custom keybinds

Recommended In-Game Settings

Graphical Settings

  • Render engine: DX11
  • Quality: 1 level lower than usual
  • Screen Mode: Windowed/Windowed Fullscreen
  • Pause on Focus Loss: OFF


Installing Themes

      • From the launcher:
        1.  Click on the Addons Tab
        2. Select a theme and click on Download
      • From the Forum:
        1. Browse Community-made themes on the forum
        2. Open your themes folder
        3. Create a folder for the theme, then drag all the files you downloaded in that folder
Installing Fonts

      • From the launcher:
        1.  Click on the Addons Tab
        2. Select a font then click Download Font

Preliminary Information
        • Fonts installed in Theme folders will always be used in priority over Fonts folder font. You can either delete the font in the Theme folder, or replace it
        • The font codes for non Latin characters are:
          1. ru_RU

          2. zh_TW

          3. ko_KR

          4. ja_JP

        1. Find a font you like and download it.
        2. Drag the .ttf font file (HAS TO BE TTF) into the Fonts folder 
        3. If you are using non Latin characters, You need to add a suffix to the font name like so


Common fixes

    1. Crash on injection

      The most common cause for a crash on injection is the absence of an antivirus exclusion/whitelist. Here are links to help you create an antivirus exclusion with most common AV softwares

      Windows Defender

    2. Launcher says “Loader has started” but nothing happens

      Check if your CPU supports SSE2 instruction set here
      If it does not, you will not be able to use D2 at all.

    3. Menu injects, but does not open when pressing F4

      If you are on a laptop, press the FN key at the same time
      If that doesn’t work, edit the shortcut  in your settings file

Finding Help

If you need someone to help you setup the program, fix a bug, find a feature, or any help related to the menu, join the official Discord ServerYou will find the support team to help you with all technical difficulties you can encounter, and the community will also be able to guide you. Before asking for support, please make sure you read the #Getting Started part of this manual

For this, go on and click on  of the page. This will make you join the official server if you have an active license. The support team will be able to help you with most of the issues you might encounter.

Diagnosing the issue

  1. Getting the running processes list
  2. The Support team might need some logs generated by Dis2rbed. To find these logs, press the “Windows Key” + “R” on your keyboard. A window will open. Paste this in:

    In the folder that will open, you can find 1 or 2 “Dis2rbed” folders, depending on the version you used. When you found it/them, open them and send the support member all the HTML files you can find. These will help the support to diagnose your issue.

  3. Getting the running processes list

    Some processes might sometimes interfere with the injection of Dis2rbed, or prevent it from running correctly. To find these programs and stop them, the support team might ask you for a full list of all running processes. Getting it pretty easy. Open CMD and paste this in:

    tasklist /FO csv > "%userprofile%\desktop\tasks.csv"

    After that, simply send the generated “tasks.csv” file to the support team to analyze it. You’ll find the file on your desktop

  4. Advanced Troubleshooting: Event Viewer

    In case all the above does not fix your issue, you might have to dig into the Windows event viewer to find if a Windows DLL is corrupted. This usually happens if you have malware or if you have a cracked version of Windows. Usually, the only way to fix these errors is to reinstall your operation system, but sometimes a driver update can fix this issue. It is recommended to ask a support team member to check for you using a screensharing software.


  1. Unzip

    To remove a file from the .zip file it is compressed in. To do this, simply drag the file you want to extract to your desktop. We recommend to use peazip

  2. Recovery

    A recovery is when someone logs in to your account and changes values such as your level, your in-game money, character stats, etc.

  3. Protex

    Features that help you protect against other modders. They can go from stopping them from attaching toilets to your character, to blocking them from crashing you. DO NOT USE IF NOT NEEDED

  4. Spoofing

    Sending fake data, without actually replacing it. Can be used to show a fake IP of RID to other modders without having to use a VPN.

  5. Logs

    Files generated by the Dis2rbed Injector and menu, to keep track of the events and errors that might occur. These files are used by the support team to diagnose the possible issues you might encounter.

  6. HWID

    HardWare ID. It is an identifier tag generated by most programs that require a license. This identificator is used to make sure the account is only used on authorized machines. The HWID of your machine might change if you replace components. If this happens, you can clear your HWID slots by pressing the “Reset HWID” button on

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