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Clarifications about the current Disturbed status (05/26/2020)

The w1tch team is still running safety tests.

Until they are finished, most of the features are limited to VIP licence holders.

Basic licence holders have access to the REcovery Edition of the menu, which includes all the features to obtain in-game currency, levels, unlocks, and stats.

Once the tests are finished, the basics will have access again to all the features.


RE: Recovery Edition

RR: Rolling Release (beta version with all features). Only available for VIP users




Installation Guide




Nightclub Money

Car selling method

How to use the RID Joiner

How to skip the Story mode prologue




Important Links

Features List

Find player RID from InGame Name





Q: Why can't I set more than 500 levels at a time?

A: Set levels gradually, wait a couple minutes before using the feature again, or use RP correction.

Q: Error "Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine".

A: Make sure that you do not have or disable virtual machines such as Hyper-V, vmWare, VirtualBox, or a ShadowPC etc.

Q: Error "Maximum instances reached".

A: Disturbed can only be started on one PC at a time.

Q: Why do remote functions not work on my friends?

A: Unprotect them by enabling Online>Other Options>Unprotect Friends or disable Online>Protex>Disable All Incoming Entities.

Q: Why am I getting an error using the nightclub options?

A: First, make sure you bought a nightclub. If that does not help, Increase incoming and outgoing transaction speeds, then slowly work them down. If money is not being added at all, switch sessions or restart your game.

Q: Why am I getting an error using the bunker options?

A: Start a new public session using the network options.